Power Banks That Are Worth Buying | Ultra-Portable Power Banks & More

Generally a Power bank can be categorized in three major types.

A super-portable power bank is a relatively low capacity power bank, but with a convenient and lightweight design that you can easily take in your pocket. 

Portable power banks are external chargers, which are neither too big nor too small in capacity. These are the best to satisfy most of the smartphone’s hungry appetite twice. 

High capacity power bank is an instrument used for any long time no electricity source is available. This is suitable for those who are often camping and need to recharge their phones.

Now you can decide which type of POWER BANK
Do You Want?
In order to Help you I have Created the list of POWER BANKS According to the Categories above.

super-portable power banks

1. Kmashi Victor K1 KMAXd 5000 mAh Power Bank  (Black, Lithium-ion)

  1. A Perfect & Premium looking super-portable power bank which you can carry any where in your pocket and use whenever you want.
  2. Affordable fast charging power bank.
  3. It roughly takes around 3 to 4 hours  to get fully charged. And you will be able to charge you mobile TWICE.
  4. totally value for money.

2. F-EYE Power Bank 5200mAh Portable Charger PowerBank.

  1. stylish design and easy to carry anywhere.
  2. made from high quality samsung cells with auto-off feature.
  3. allows dual usb charging, perfect for using when travelling.
  4. four level battery status indicator through 4LED.
  5. protected from over discharge, over charge, stable voltage, short circuit, overheating.

3. Xebber Powerbrik Ultra Compact 5000mAh Power Bank (Black).

  1. High Density Lithium Polymer Battery.
  2. Dual usb ports, 4LED battery indicators and suitable for all devices.
  3. Takes around 2 hours to get recharged and you can charge your phone twice.
  4. slim and compact which makes it easy to carry, AFFORDABLE PRICE.
  5. auto turn off feature in case nothing is connected to it.

Portable Power Banks

4. Spider Design 10000 mAh Power Bank (Grey)

  1. Features High-Speed Charging, High Capacity 10000mah.
  2. Two Usb Ports Allowing You To Charge Two Digital Devices At The Same Time.
  3. LED Dispay that show the battery level in percentage.
  4. Charging Cable Included, must-have travel companion.
  5. Slim, sleek design makes it perfectly portable.

5. Portronics POR-010 "Powerslice 10" 10,000 mAh Slim Powerbank.

  1. Highly Compact and Lightweight with dimensions similar to your phone. Ideal for iphone users
  2. 10000mAH Li Polymer cells to ensure more safety and more charging cycles.
  3. UNIQUE TWO Charging Options – 1A Lightning port using any iOS and 2A USB port using any micro USB cable.
  4. Multilevel protection including short circuit, current and voltage overload, over heating and protection against wrong insertion.
  5. There are four lights that indicate the state of charge if you push a button.

6. MOERDON PowerBank 11000 mAh dual USB OUTPUT, Portable Powerbank Charger.

  1. Moveable LED flashlight strap to provide rich light when needed.
  2. Dual USB ports, the power bank charges at a fast output of 2.1A.
  3. 4 LED bars in green color to show the left-up power.
  4. It holds at least a 2-3 full phone battery of charge. Very marvellous looks, two charging ports, powerful lamp.
  5. 7 layers of protection unit to safeguard your devices from any risks.

High Capacity Power Bank

7. 8BK-20B 20000 mAh Power Bank ( Can be charged by Micro or Type C USB Cable).

  1. Dual USB output enabling 2 ports to charge 2 devices at the same time.
  2. largest powered battery 20,000 mAh still its portable.
  3. Affordable and value for money, Battery power is way too high in this price segment.
  4. can charge your mobile upto 4-5 times. very stylish design.
  5. 7 layers of protection unit to safeguard your devices from any risks.

8. 8BK-1011 Ultra High Capacity 20000 mAh Power Bank with Digital Display & 2 LED.

  1. Presented with 3 charging options,powerful battery,digital display for charging output.
  2. Dual LED torch at the corners, Digital display of battery percentage.
  3. It charges my Mi 4 or any mobile very fast and 4-5 times, from 0-100% charging.
  4. Matt finish cover gives a stylish look.
  5. Affordable and value for money, Battery power is way too high in this price segment.

So these were the list of Best power Bank according to their type, Hope you liked it.

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